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Dr. Matthew Proctor

alpha team >> miami medical

13 September
Miami Medical Muse. New Show, New Character. All Spoilers.

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[From the Official Miami Medical Site] Dr. Matthew Proctor is new to the trauma team after leaving a lucrative private practice following his return from a tour of duty in a MASH unit during the first Gulf War. He is part of a team of expert surgeons who thrive on the adrenaline rush of working at one of the premiere trauma facilities in the country while drawing upon their wit and irreverence to survive on the edge. As part of the Alpha Team at one of the top trauma hospitals, these professionals exclusively treat patients with life-threatening injuries. Together, this team of doctors excels in the "golden hour," the 60 minutes after being critically injured when a patient's life hangs in the balance.


First up, Miami Medical is a brand new show, starting first week in April 2010. At this muse's creation, it's only one episode in and therefore his canon is limited so far. It will increase, as will his growth as a muse. Because of this, everything about him and/or everything posted in this journal are spoilers. Don't like, don't read. A more in-depth bio for him will be posted when we know more about him... at this point, the basis of his character pivots on his secret-keeping and I am unsure if this will change. Anything posted via this muse to other comms will be marked with a spoiler warning. He will exist via prompts and RP.

Matt's current muse canon mates for RP purposes are:

>> Dr. Chris Deleo / Dr "C" [geniuscowboy]
>> Dr. Serena Warren [cutandlearn]
>> Dr. Eva Zambrano [drzambrano]
>> Tuck Brody, RN [chargenursetuck]
>> Rick Deleo [1twntyovreighty]


This is an RPG journal for character Dr. Matthew Proctor from the CBS TV show, Miami Medical. I do not own the character of Dr. Matthew Proctor and am making no profit from this journal. The character of Dr. Matthew Proctor is owned by Jerry Bruckheimer and is the property of CBS. No harm or copywrite infringement is intended.


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