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Dr. Matthew Proctor
07 April 2020 @ 01:34 am
"This is Proctor, or more commonly know as 'Dr Tea and Biscuits'. I can't take the call. Leave a message."

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Dr. Matthew Proctor
11 September 2010 @ 01:35 pm
31.9. "A day of worry is more exhausting than a day of work."
(Quote by John Lubbock)

Co-written with deleomom
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It was true that Chris’ family and friends had seemed to fall into some sort roster of sitting with him while he slept. The relief of him finally coming to after the Propofol dosage had been almost crippling, but he hadn’t stayed awake for very long. The high dose of painkillers soon had him drifting in and out of sleep again, sometimes without him seeming to realise he was going out, and Serena’s brother dragged her off to take her home for a shower and something to eat at least, even if Carla knew the young blonde woman would be back at her son’s side as soon as she managed to escape her brother’s clutches again. Despite the initial uncertainty, this fact meant a lot to Carla. It meant even more that Serena seemed so taken by Chris that she was willing to do anything to take care of him. There wasn’t any more that she could want for her sons. It was also ironic for her to witness that Serena’s relationship with her brother seemed to be the polar opposite of what Rick and Chris had, even though there were indications there that it could be changing. She desperately hoped it was changing, at least. She knew Chris really needed Rick to keep his word this time. She knew it would be the disastrous end to her family if he didn’t.

Carla now found herself sitting at Chris’ bedside alone as she watched him sleep...Collapse )

Word Count | 2,382
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Dr. Matthew Proctor
26 August 2010 @ 12:12 am
8.4. "Friends are like walls. Sometimes you lean on them, and sometimes it's just enough to know they're there."

Co-written with geniuscowboy

It was approaching nine pm at night by the time Proctor managed to finish work for the day. On the scale of things, it was a relatively steady and even day. News had come that Chris was stepping up to the plate as a kidney donor for his brother came late in the afternoon when Serena dropped by MT1 to let everyone Chris was being admitted to hospital, and that the surgery would go ahead first thing the following morning. It was sudden, but in light of hearing that Rick’s condition was deteriorated, Proctor was really surprised at the timeframe. Inevitably, he was worried about Chris and his brother, but the decision was one Proctor really did expect of Chris at the end of the day. The MT1 Chief Resident wouldn’t have lived with himself if he knew he could save his brother’s life, but didn’t.

It was mostly quiet in the Oncology unit when Proctor arrived, and although the oldest brother was asleep, despite looking not far off sleep himself, Chris was in his hospital bed tiredly watching a small DVD player open on the bed beside him. Proctor cleared his throat and held up a large bunch of flowers he had been carrying with him, the product of a quick whip-around of the department once news broke that Dr C was in hospital. “Apparently carnations are supposed to symbolise health, according to Kathy. Never was much of a fan of them myself. The bay leaf and garlic apparently mean strength, but she wouldn’t let me put any of those in there,” he explained quietly as he came over to the side of the bed and set the flowers down on the cabinet beside the table. He looked down at Chris is a small smile. “It’s a very selfless and admirable thing you’re doing, Chris. We’re all very proud of you.”

Chris was more than surprised to see his boss appear in the hospital room, and not just because it was relatively late at night...Collapse )

Word Count | 1,550
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Dr. Matthew Proctor
01 August 2010 @ 01:45 pm
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Proctor made a few notes in Chris' file to outline the leave arrangements and then placed it on the side of his desk with the pager and access card on top. Serena was expectedly prompt, appearing in his office doorway just a few minutes after Chris had vacated it and she looked nothing sort of terrified. It was a little strange for Proctor to take in. He always felt he had a good rapport with the young resident, and trust, at least. Still, it was a sticky situation, but he was a little disappointed neither Chris nor Serena had felt like they could come to him with this. He had to be doing something wrong as a boss, even if he knew he wasn't always the most approachable person.

"Take a seat, Serena," he told her with a faint smile, gesturing to the spot Chris had just disappeared from. "Chris is taking a leave of absence with a length of time to be determined. Dave Taylor from Charlie will be Acting Chief Resident and he'll fill the gap on the Alpha Team, so he'll be your first port of call if you have any issues with your residency. But while we're here, are there any issues you wish to discuss at this present time?" he asked her, holding her gaze.
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Dr. Matthew Proctor
01 August 2010 @ 01:34 pm
There was no specific thing that had Chris standing at the edge of the bay Proctor was ending a consult with a patient in. He waited until his English boss finished with the patient, luckily following news of a positive prognosis and then fell into step with him to head towards the elevators. Something about the intensity of the conversation with Dave and Rick the previous day had left Chris feeling like he was standing at the top of a cliff about to jump off. Sometimes he felt like he had a harness, other times he felt like someone was about to push him over with no safety device. Work kept him thinking straight, but in the lulls, he felt that anxiety gnawing away again, and it was an emotion he had come to seriously hate. “Can I talk to you in private?” he finally asked, glancing at Proctor’s face.

They got to the elevators and Proctor reached out to hit the down button. He raised his eyebrows in question and then nodded. “Of course. My office,” he replied. “Is everything okay, Chris? How is your brother progressing? You look a little like you haven’t been sleeping very well.”

“He’s okay for the moment. It’s not about Rick. I’m mostly getting enough sleep, I’m just looking forward to my days off.” Chris rested his hands on his hips as they waited for the elevator, which arrived with a ding a few moments later. He followed Proctor inside and cleared his throat when the doors swung closed. “Been a rough day. Good to hear your patient will be okay. It was touch and go in the OR...”

Proctor nodded and hummed in agreement...Collapse )

Word Count | 1,816
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Dr. Matthew Proctor
02 July 2010 @ 07:15 pm
Introduced to the art of "sexting".
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